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When there is so much to see in Jaipur, why should we search for the sights around Jaipur? Are you thinking the same? Your skepticism seems logical. But just wait. Let me mention the best tourist places to visit around in Jaipur whose excellence may not be more than Jaipur, but it is not less than that. You can return to Jaipur by completing these as a day trip from Jaipur.

Tourists places around Jaipur will be delighted on gold, that such tours introduce us to the rural and natural beauty of Rajasthan, away from the congestion of metros. When you go through the streets going through the yellow fields of sunflowers, you will wonder whether there will be places in Rajasthan where there is no sprinkling of colors.

Tourist Places to visit around Jaipur – Day trip from Jaipur

Blog Park presenting here a list of such sightseeing places near Jaipur, which you can come back to see in the day, by staying in Jaipur. Come, you also plan to come to Jaipur!

1. A one-day trip from Jaipur to Chand Bawdi – Abhaneri

Adorable Chandi Bawdi

chand bawdi

From Jaipur towards Agra, about 90 km This wonderful city Abhaneri is located at a distance of. So if you are on a golden triangular trip to Delhi-Agra-Jaipur then you can go to Abhaneri with a small passage. While you may have seen many step wells of India, I have full faith that none of them will be as photographic as the moon Bavdi located here! It is a very compact and deep stepwell. It has extremely attractive geometric staircases on three sides and an inscribed pavilion on the fourth surface.

Do not forget to see a temple dedicated to Harshad Ma and the craftsmen spread throughout the campus.

It can take about 6-8 hours to visit Chand Bawdi from Jaipur. About 2 hours to and from Jaipur and a few hours to see the stepwell are sufficient. While going from the fields, do not forget to see these flowing fields and the men and women wearing bright-colored clothes, doing agricultural work in them.

2. Bhangarh Fort

Near Jaipur – Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

When you search for the most haunted place in the world on the Internet, the name of Bhangarh fort comes first. Since this place is full of local, domestic and foreign tourists during the day, there is no need to be afraid. It is not allowed to visit here in the evening. Filled with many vibrant temples and water sources, this place is very attractive. Although most of the structures have turned into ruins, complete documentation of these structures is available. By reading these, you can imagine how prosperous this fort must have been in its vibrant period.

About 40 km from Bhangarh Jaipur. Is at a distance of. After reaching Dausa by Agra Highway, go on the road leading to Bhangarh. The route after the highway may not be the best, but it is not bad either.

If haunted places thrill you like most people, then definitely include Bhangarh in your Jaipur travel itinerary.

If you have the desire to observe Bhangarh closely, have the desire to climb and descend the hill, or enjoy its temples, then 3-4 hours is necessary. This includes the time of photographing.

I suggest that you leave Jaipur by taking breakfast in the morning and taking lunch together. Visit Bhangarh, then return to Jaipur by the time of evening refreshment.

Suggestion – If you leave for Jaipur early in the morning, you can also see Chand Bawdi with Bhangarh.

3. Samod Mahal

Court of Samod Mahal

This Samod Mahal is one of the most outstanding places in Rajasthan. It is maintained very well. A guided tour gives us a tour of the entire palace. Going from one room to another, looking at the colorful reefs and the subtle painters made on them, your eyes will be torn. Each mural has some glasswork and some paintings in the background. The beauty of these reefs will mesmerize you. These paintings feature mythology and depiction of everyday life, with portraits of royal families prominently. Each cell has its own color, red in one and blue in the other.

Seeing the beauty of this palace, you will get drenched in these colors and their richness. Whenever I see the ruins of a palace or fort, a question always flashes into my brain. How rich and beautiful these palaces or forts would look in their vibrant days. I got the answer to my question in Samod Mahal. If India looked like this a few centuries ago, I would definitely hope that India’s lost prosperity and beauty are recovered soon.

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Before reaching the palace, you will see many colorful Havelis. Going forward, you will reach a porch where many vintage cars are kept. From there, a gentleman wearing a Rajasthani costume, with a mustache, will take you above the stairs. They will show you the entire palace and will give you information about it. After that, you will have food in the refreshment here.

It is a private palace situated in the village of Samod which is about 75 km from Jaipur. Is at a distance of. At the time of writing this memoir, its entrance fee was Rs.1000 / – which included the cost of food.

4. Khatu Shyam of Khatu village in Sikar district

Khatu’s Shyam Kund – Around Jaipur

Khatu is a small town that is famous for the temple of Khatu Shyam Ji. This city located in the Sikar district is about 40 km northwest of Jaipur. is far. If you are interested in Mahabharata and its characters, then this is a unique temple that you must visit. It is a temple dedicated to Barbaric. If this name is new to you, then let me inform you that Barbarik Pandu is the grandson of Bhima and the son of Ghatotkacha.

Although it is a unique temple, the historical beliefs and legends related to it make it unique. Barbarik is considered the ‘Sahara of the loser’ or the god of the losers. After doing intense penance of mother Adishakti, he pleased the three impenetrable arrows and the idolatrous Valmiki and received the bow from them. At present, the symbolic patterns of this bow and triangle are visible everywhere in the city.

If you leave early in the morning and first visit the Khatu Shyam Temple, then you can complete the Khatu Shyam and Samod Mahal on the same day. When the temple is closed afternoon, you can see Samod Mahal.

5. Sambhar Lake

Salt farming in Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake is the largest saltwater lake in India. The salt derived from this lake fulfills the entire requirement of salt in India’s largest state, Rajasthan. Many species of birds and insects are found around the lake. Flamingos, ie flamingos, are also seen during the monsoon.

Another significance of this lake for me is that the mention of this place is also found in epics like Mahabharata. There is also a temple of Shakambhari Devi in ​​this place. Shakambhari Devi is the presiding deity of the Chauhan dynasty of the Rajputs of Rajasthan.

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It is also very important from the archaeological point of view as there is an ancient site called Naliyasar at this place. You already know that ancient sites attract me very much. But I had the opportunity to spend a few moments at Sambhar Lake. Therefore, a detailed overview of this ancient site is still remaining.

Sambhar lake is about 95 km southwest of Jaipur. It is situated at this distance. By my guess, in the morning, I came out of the darkness and find birds around the lake for the first time. After that, look at the lake and heritage. If you look at them peacefully, without any hurry, then a full day is enough to see Sambhar Lake and its heritage.

6. Sanganer – the city of the textile industry

There are two textile industry cities around Jaipur, Sanganer, and Bagru. About 15-20 km from Sanganer Jaipur. is far.

Fabric printing work in Sanganer and Bagru

If you are interested in Indian textiles, especially Rajasthani stamp printing, then you must have heard about Sanganer and Bagru, these two types of printing. Just as the name Kuchipudi Dance is derived from the village of Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh, Sanganeri printing was named after the city of Sanganer. Now it has also got a GI tag ie Geographical Indication. Sanganer is also famous for the handmade paper industry.

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Sanganer is a pilgrimage site for followers of Jainism. There are many ancient Jain temples here. Jain temples like Ranakpur and Dilwara Temple in Rajasthan are extremely famous for their fine craftsmen. The temples in Sanganer are made of red sandstone.

The stamp printing of Sanganer is famous for its excellent specimens and designs. Many years ago I visited Sanganer. At that time, I bought sheets decorated with stamp printing from there, which I still use today. If you like sheets or fabrics embellished with stamp printing, then the best place to buy them is Sanganer where you can see the work as well as print directly.

7. Bagru – Textile and Leather Industry City

Leather colored slippers

Bagru is also famous for hand-printing the goods of Sanganer. But there is a special difference between them. That difference is in their outline and shapes which are different from Sanganer. Here indigo colors and flowers are used in abundance. Bagru is also known for the small-scale leather industry. So the colorful shoes and bags made of leather that you buy at Jaipur monuments may have been manufactured in Bagru itself.

If you want to meet the artisans working in these textile and leather industries, then there is no better place than Bagru.

Bagru also has fort-like other ancient towns, but it is a private fort. It is open to the public only at certain festivals.

Bagru is 32 km from Jaipur. How much time you spend here is up to you.

Suggestion – As a one-day journey from Jaipur, you can complete the darshan of Sanganer and Bagru in one day.

8. Amer fort and city

Ganesh Pol of Amer Fort

Most travelers come to visit Jaipur, and most travelers also visit the Amber fort. Many stories and beliefs about this fort are famous. The trained guide will tell you many stories. But I enjoyed these stories more in the light and sound program held in the evening which is organized inside the fort. The Amber fort itself narrates these stories filled with folk music, using its amazing light in the dark.

When you look down from the ramparts of the Amer Fort, you will see Amer city filled with high peaks of many temples. The guide told us that there are 375 temples in Amer, one temple for each day of the year. Say this is an ancient city full of temples.

After walking on the roads of Amer, you will reach the mansion of the Chawar Palkhivalis. Presently this mansion has been renovated. This mansion houses the ‘Unique Museum’ where textile industries and their traditions have been exhibited in many parts of India, mainly Rajasthan. With these clothes, you can know about the women wearing them. As this woman is married, unmarried, or widowed. The entire process of how this heritage was recycled has also been demonstrated in an excellent manner. Understanding its present structure and various stages of renovation is very enjoyable. Although the stairs here are still as high as they were in the past.

9. Ajmer

Jain Lal Temple of Ajmer

About 120 km by road from Ajmer Jaipur. is far. It takes about 2 hours to reach here. Although you can take a one-day trip to Ajmer while in Jaipur, my suggestion would be that you stay in Ajmer or Pushkar for a detailed overview of it.

Most tourists visit Ajmer to confine themselves to the Dargah, but I found many other places to see and experience Ajmer. These include two beautiful lakes and an amazingly beautiful Jain temple, Sonji’s Nastya. A replica of the universe has also been created in this Jain temple.

10. Pushkar – the city of the holy lake

The famous and ancient Pushkar Lake

With many temples and the city of the famous Pushkar Lake, Pushkar is also an official of your day. Although you can do both Ajmer and Pushkar together as a one-day trip, one can visit it alone, as a one-day trip from Jaipur, to do a fair Pushkar trip.

Apart from these places, you can also visit Alwar and Ranthambore on a one-day trip from Jaipur. Although I would like to complete the visit of these two places as a two-day visit.

Do you know about any other one-day tours around Jaipur?

If you know of any other tourist places to visit around Jaipur that can be completed as a one-day trip by staying in Jaipur? I am very excited to know about them.

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